George Zimmerman Jury Wishes To Remain Anonymous

In the wake of the George Zimmerman verdict on Saturday night, the jury panel in the case, made up of six women, has expressed its wish to remain anonymous.

The identities of the women were sealed at the start of the trail, which sought to examine the charges in the Trayvon Martin murder, who was killed while unarmed in 2012.

The court and sheriff reminded the media that the sealed order is still in place and they are not allowed to publish the identities of the women who made up the jury that acquitted Zimmerman of all charges.

For now all we know are the women’s court assigned IDs, which were, B76, B37, E6, B29, E40, and B51. Throughout the duration of the trial the cameras were careful not to show the juror’s faces.

The women were given packets of letters from the media with interview requests, according to the court spokeswoman’s tweet on Saturday. There is no indication that the George Zimmerman jury is ready to talk publicly any time soon.

The case was racially charged by the nature of the events that led to the killing of Martin, who was black, at the hands of Zimmerman, who claimed self defense. The prosecution alleged that Zimmerman racially profiled Martin.

But the women did not agree and came back with a not guilty verdict on Saturday night to the surprise and disappointment of many who were expecting a different outcome. Many feel that justice was not done to Trayvon Martin.

In a release from the Seminole County Sheriff’s office to the media, it reminds them that the jury’s identity, “remain protected by order of the court.”

“The media should not, at any time, attempt to video and/or broadcast the jurors, the transport or personal vehicles used, or any locations/venues where the jurors may be staying or visiting,” the sheriff’s office stated. “Any media currently at locations where they believe jurors could be located should depart the area immediately.”

The six women who made the George Zimmerman jury range in age between 30 and 60 and are predominantly white, with one minority, believed to be Hispanic.

Do you think the George Zimmerman jury should remain anonymous?