Customers In Ohio Receive $12,000 to $93,000 Water Bills

Customers in one sleepy Ohio down were greeted this month with water bills that ranged from $12,000 to $93,000.

The bills, which were caused by a massive computer glitch found inside new computer software, led to one pastor joking about using way too much holy water. The pastor made his joke after the congregation was hit with a $93,000 bill.

The bills were delivered to Girard, a small town with 10,000 residents near Youngstown, Ohio.

The software glitch affected business owners, clergy, and town residents equally.

Customers worried about major water line issues descended on the town hall to receive an immediate answer to their huge bill problem.

According to public services director Jerry Lambert, the city was replacing manual-read meters with automatic readers when the issue surfaced.

The software used to read the meters sent out wrong calculations, which in turn led to some headache.

The city of Girard has promised that the September billing cycle will be “100 percent correct.”

This is hardly the first time a water bill software system has messed up; check out this $16,000 bill from the City of Baltimore:

Baltimore Water Bills

Software glitches are not new, but they are none-the-less a hassle and the cause of many “mini-heart” attacks when customers don’t know what’s going on.