Third Asiana Plane Crash Victim Identified

The third victim who died in the Asiana plane crash last weekend has been identified as 15-year-old Liu Yipeng. The girl was still in her seat when she was rescued on Saturday, unlike the other two teens who died.

While the girl’s family initially told the hospital not to disclose the teen’s name or injuries, but a coroner did so on Saturday, saying that Liu suffered head injuries in the crash of Asiana Flight 214.

Liu died on Friday morning at San Francisco General Hospital, where she and two adults were listed in critical condition. San Mateo County Coroner Robert Foucrault stated that an autopsy was to be performed on Saturday.

Along with announcing a third victim’s death, officials confirmed on Friday that one of the teens who died initially was struck by a fire truck. Police confirmed Ye Meng Yuan, 16 was discovered under a fire truck in the aftermath of the Asiana plane crash. Police spokeswoman Albie Esparza explained:

“The fire truck did go over the victim at least one time. Now the other question is, ‘What was the cause of death?’ That’s what we are trying to determine now.”

It is not yet known if Ye was alive after the initial impact when the Boeing 777 hit a seawall and crashed into a runway at San Francisco International Airport. Foucrault added of Ye’s death that results of his initial inquiry will be released next week.

All three victims fatally injured in the Asiana plane crash were from China. Ye Meng Yuan and her close friend Wang Linja were both killed. San Francisco spokeswoman Mindy Talmadge explained that Linjia was dead by the time rescuers reached her, 14 minutes after the crash.

All three victims were friends and top students who were flying to the United States for a few weeks-stay at a Christian summer camp in California. They planned on practicing their English there in the hopes of making it easier to attend a US college. All three girls’ parents have been flown to San Francisco where they are under the watch of the Chinese consulate.

[Image via NTSB/Twitter]