Trayvon Riots In Miami? YouTube Video Surfaces

Are there Trayvon riots in Miami tonight after the not guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman case was handed down?

Twitter is on fire right now with footage purporting to be from Miami and depicting a riot in the streets, complete with fire and blocks full of angry protestors.

However, as the clip of Trayvon riots in Miami circulates, we are inclined to believe the footage is not accurately described and does not depict a current event.

Firstly, panned “Trayvon riots” footage appears to show a scene at dusk, while tonight’s Zimmerman verdict was announced at nearly 10 PM Eastern standard time — far past when any visible light in the sky would appear on film.

Secondly, all reports go back to the same, likely spurious Trayvon riots in Miami claim and video. No other reports from the very populous city have indicated unrest or rioting in the wake of the verdict.

No images, Twitpics, or Instagram posts have suggested anyone in Miami is rioting after the Zimmerman verdict.

Trayvon riots are a hot topic today, as much of the media suggested the situation would be volatile following the unpopular verdict.

However, media personality Jay Smooth made a very astute observation when he noted that while everyone was busy worrying about the possible racial unrest after a not guilty verdict for Zimmerman, another, more likely danger was lurking:

Update: video reportedly depicting Trayvon riots in Miami after the verdict have been tentatively identified as that of hockey riots in Vancouver. (Irony alert: after all the panic and smugness, the clip is of white people rioting.) No credible reports of any of the predicted rioting have occurred, nor has any reasonably believable footage appeared on instant share sites like Twitter of any rioting in any location.

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