iPhone 5S, 6 Chips Rumor Claims Apple Will Buy Manufacturing Plant

iPhone 5S rumors claims Apple iPhone Systems On Chip (SoC) designs will be manufactured internally by Apple.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S rumors say the next generation iPhones will likely be launched during the autumn and summer, respectively.

Apple has already changed the iPhone with iOS 7’s new interface and also Apple iTunes Radio. The latest Apple iPhone 5S and 6 rumors say Apple is expected to upgrade to a faster processor, improved retina display, NFC support, 4G, 802.11ac wireless networking, and potentially a low-cost version of its popular iPhone line. Apple iPhone 6 and 5S rumors also say the iPhone 5S will incorporate fingerprint detection security measures since Apple purchased Authentec.

Apple iPhone Chip Manufacturing

Unfortunately for Apple, production of its own iPhone relies on allies like Foxconn and frenemies like Samsung. Apple has been suffering from various production delays that affect the latest versions of the iPhone, iPad, and other devices.

A new Apple iPhone 5S and 6 rumor suggests that Apple might try and wrest control of its destiny by purchasing a chip fabrication plant. SemiAccurate states thatApple “just bought into a fab, and not in a trivial way either.” Other reports seem to suggest that Apple is partnering with United Microelectronics Corporation, a Taiwan-based semiconductor company that has been around for 33 years.

Do you think it’s good that Apple iPhone 5 and 6 chips might be manufactured directly by Apple?