Middleboro Shooting Leaves One Dead, One Charged, Plenty Of Questions

A Middleboro shooting very early Friday morning that left a 65-year-old woman dead and sparked a gun battle with police has resulted in the first charges for a suspected shooter. The Plymouth County District Attorney’s office announced Friday that 52-year-old Thomas Buttimer has been charged with intent to murder police officers and the possession of a firearm.

According to The Enterprise, residents of the Massachusetts town were surprised by the Middleboro shooting, which occurred at a rural home surrounded by woods and accessible by a dirt drive.

A WHDH report said that Middleboro police officers were responding to a call shortly after midnight to the home. They found the husband of 65-year-old Norma DesRouche attempting to revive her with CPR.

Neighbors told the news station that they had complained about gunfire in the rural area before. However, they could tell that this crime was different from normal horseplay because of the intensity of the shooting.

Resident Tyler Lambert said: “I mean the gunshots were enough vibrate the windows on the house. That’s why we thought something was wrong, because it was too much. Like 15, right after another.”

There were reportedly eight police officers, including the police chief, on the scene.

Three police vehicles, a fire truck, and an ambulance were involved in the response. As law enforcement investigated the incident, Buttimer reportedly appeared in the driveway carrying what police officers described in a statement as a long-barrel firearm. When they asked him to drop the weapon several times and he refused, they shot him.

The Middleboro shooter was being treated in a local hospital and is expected to survive to face the charges. The case is still under investigation and authorities had refused to comment on a motive behind the shooting.

At the time of writing, Buttimer hadn’t yet been charged with murder for the Middleboro shooting death of Norma DesRouche.

[still image by val lawless via Shutterstock]