Kristen Stewart Not Turning To Buddhism To Alleviate Heartache, Sources Say

Kristen Stewart may be having a hard time getting over her split with boyfriend Robert Pattinson, but not so much that she needs eastern religion to help her out.

Reports this week said Stewart was turning to Buddhism to find peace with the situation. She and Robert Pattinson had been on the rocks since last summer, when Stewart was caught in an affair with her Snow White and the Huntsmen director Rupert Sanders.

Stewart and Pattinson had a complicated relationship for years, trying their best to stay out of the spotlight as they were besieged by near-constant rumors. Some even accused Rob and Kristen of faking their relationship after the cheating scandal in order to help Twilight DVD sales.

“Kristen is having a hard time getting over Rob, so she is being creative,” a purported source told HollywoodLife this week, saying that Buddhism was becoming that creative outlet.

The source added that Stewart was studying Nichiren Buddhism, the same one practiced by Tina Turner, Orlando Bloom, and Miranda Kerr. Kristen Stewart would deal with the Robert Pattinson breakup by meditating and chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo, the source said.

But now another source is insisting the Buddhism rumor is untrue, saying the story is “completely made up.”

It will likely take more than meditation to get over the heartache. After her affair last summer, Stewart took the unusual step of admitting her transgression and issuing a public apology to Robert Pattinson.

Still, Stewart was painted as a villain in the situation, and even after the split feelings for fans remain raw. On Monday she returned to her truck after running errands to find that someone had traced the words “I heart Rob” into the dirt on the vehicle’s hood.

Stewart seemed to have no reaction as she got into her truck and drove away.

The reaction wasn’t unusual for the reticent Kristen Stewart, who also has not spoken publicly about her spiritual path either.