Third Asiana Plane Crash Victim Dies

A third Asiana plane crash victim has died of her injuries. The victim, young girl, died of her injuries on Friday morning. Hospital spokeswoman Rachel Kagen added that the girl’s parents asked that the hospital keep her identity and the nature of her injuries private.

The plane crash victim was fighting for her life at San Francisco General Hospital. She was one of three patients remaining in critical condition at the hospital, which also treated and discharged 59 others involved in the crash.

While two adults remain in critical condition, four others remain in the hospital listed in serious to fair conditions. All of those in critical condition were suffering from spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, abdominal injuries, and internal bleeding, notes USA Today.

Including the third victim, all of those killed were girls. Ye Meng Yuan and Wang Linjia, both 16, were killed after they were ejected from the Asiana Flight 214 Boeing 777 after it hit a seawall during a crash landing at San Francisco International Airport.

The crash injured 181 of the plane’s 307 passengers and crew. The airport announced on Friday evening that Runway 28L, where the fatal accident happened, was reopened. A Southwest Airlines flight was the first to land after the announcement.

Police also confirmed earlier on Friday that one of the two girls killed the day of the Asiana plane crash was run over by a firetruck during the initial stages of the emergency response. While the incident was confirmed, it is not known whether the crash or being run over killed the teen.

Two doctors with San Francisco General Hospital announced the third plane crash victim’s death. Reuters reports that the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco announced that the third victim was also a 16-year-old Chinese national, making it likely that the three teens killed knew each other.

A coroner in San Mateo County announced he will have the autopsy results of the first two victims of the Asiana plane crash in two weeks. It is unknown whether there will be one done for the girl who died on Friday.

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