Pregnant Woman Struck By Lightning Gives Birth To Possible Superhero

A pregnant woman struck by lightning on Independence Day last week gave birth. Incredibly, the baby girl is healthy, as is the mother.

The parents thinks their daughter is clearly meant for superhero greatness, remarking that perhaps one day she will be able to “run fast, or save the universe.”

IB Times reports that the woman, Kendra Villanueva and her partner Ian Gordon were watching fireworks on a friend’s front lawn, in Albuquerque, New Mexico on the Fourth of July.

After a thunder storm rolled in unexpectedly, Villanueva and Gordon said they were making their way into the house to get cover from the coming weather.

Before they could get to safety, however, both were struck by a bolt of lightning. All Gordon recalls of the strike was that “the next thing we know, we woke up on the ground and everybody was just trying to keep us calm.”

Emergency responders, including firefighters responding to another call nearby, hurried to the scene. One of the responders said the couple were conscious but “dazed and confused.”

Though they seemed fine, both were rushed to a nearby hospital. Gordon was said to have blown an ear drum. Villanueva, still two weeks from her due date, was forced to induce labor to make sure the baby was healthy, reports KRQE.

The baby girl, Kimberly Samantha Rose Gordon, is said to be healthy with no complications expected, despite the lightning strike. Mother and father are well too, but Villanueva and Kimberly were kept in the hospital for observation.

Experts said that there have been fewer than a dozen known instances of a pregnant woman being hit by a lightning bolt in the world. Of them, only half of the babies survived.

It may take some years before the world finds out what Kimberly’s superpowers are, the family is anxious to find out. The father jokes that since his daughter shares his name, Gordon, she’s already earned the nickname Flash Gordon.

While the three are fortunate, despite long-term muscle spasms and lost hearing. Many struck by lightning, if they are not killed instantly, are left paralyzed or severely burned.

Gordon, grateful for his partner’s and child’s health after the pregnant woman was struck by lightning, saying that “somebody’s definitely watching out for us.”

[Image via ~Prescott via photopin cc]