‘Lucky Black Dog’ Has Evaded 92 Capture Attempts Over 5 Years

A pooch only known to animal control authorities as “Lucky Black Dog” has evaded capture 92 times over the course of five years. He is America’s most wanted animal.

Animal Services officers in Fayetteville, Arkansas have been chasing “Lucky Black Dog” for several years, and despite 92 capture attempts, the pup evades them every single time. Since 2008, “LBD” has been a thorn in their side, and they’ve tried every trick in the book to bring him down.

“He’s infamous, that’s for sure,” said an Animal Services officer. You can just hear the bitterness.

They’ve tried everything, even tranquilizer darts, but the “Lucky Black Dog” always seems to have an escape cinched.

“It’s very frustrating, because we’re hired to do a job and that job is to pick up loose animals,” the same Animal Services officer said. “It’s part of that job, anyway. When you feel that you can’t fulfill those job requirements, you feel like you haven’t gotten your job done.”

Some Fayetteville citizens are tired of “LBD’s” mischievous ways.

“He finds friends and he runs around with friends,” said one. “Even if I’m walking my dog, he’ll come up and harass my dog. He’s brazen.”

Another town resident opined that “LBD” is just a rolling stone that enjoys its freedom, and that it doesn’t plan on getting caught any time soon.

“I’ve seen it on my porch,” she said. “I’ll see it in my yard. I’ll see it in other people’s yard(s). It doesn’t appear to want a home.”

Despite “Lucky Black Dog’s” run so far, officials are determined to catch him and have come up with a plan that they would not reveal. Spooky.

[Image via: Shutterstock]