Awkward Bear Safety Video: Reporter Julie Tremmel Is Totally Being Hazed [Video]

Cranston, R.I. – Bear attacks have kind of become a thing this year, so a bear safety video from a local news affiliate probably isn’t a bad idea. Still, we’d like to know who at WJAR put reporter Julie Tremmel up to this epic weirdness.

It’s one of those well-meaning clips that unintentionally inspires the “oh, honey” and I’d love to make fun of Tremmel for her awkward (albeit useful) tips, except that I’m almost positive that this was not her idea.

A little bit on Tremmel: She actually used to work for Fox23 in Albany, but left last October-ish for NBC10 in Cranston (she even started a new Twitter account).

She’s new, she’s full of pep, she’s totally being hazed.

And it completely breaks my heart, because we’ve all been there, haven’t we?

We got a new job we were super excited about, and our co-workers suggest doing something we know right away will be embarrassing, but we do it anyway because we want to be part of the cool group and show that we have a sense of humor about ourselves, right? Right?

But it never works. The strangeness of Tremmel’s bear safety video is testament to that. So is Twitter:

Julie, we know you were put up to this weird bear safety video. It’s okay.