‘Big Brother’ Race Tensions Boil Over As Aaryn And GinaMarie Mock Black Contestant

Big Brother racial exploded on Thursday night after controversial contestant Aaryn Gries used seemingly racist terms in an argument with a black housemate.

Aaryn has been making headlines all summer long for her racist comments, and after one of her allies was sent out of the house on Thursday Aaryn seemed on the warpath. She instigated a fight with Candice, a female contestant of mixed race, using a mocking impression of black stereotypes.

The fight, which was seen by thousands of viewers on the show’s live video feeds, started when Aaryn flipped Candice’s mattress. Aaryn claimed it was just a “prank,” but Candice did not feel that way.

In the Big Brother confrontation that ensued, Aaryn shouted: “Whatchu gon do gurrl… class girl? Where’s yo class?”

Candice, normally a quiet presence in the house, was upset by the apparent slurs and shouted back at Aaryn. But this seemed to upset GinaMarie, one of Aaryn’s allies.

“You want the black to come out?” GinaMarie said, getting in Candice’s face.

The fight continued to escalate until Howard, another black contestant, carried Candice away and pleaded for her not to stoop to the level of her racists houseguests Aaryn and GinaMarie.

The fight can be seen in this video above, with tension boiling over at close to the 2:00 mark (there is adult language as well):

GinaMarie and Aaryn have already showed that they are oblivious to their racist behavior. Fellow contestant Amanda tried to warn Aaryn to cut off the racist statements, but Aaryn replied that she didn’t believe she had been racist. The blonde-haired Aaryn added that contestants make fun of her, calling her “Barbie.”

“The call me Barbie and say all sorts of (expletive) about me being blonde all the time,” she defended. “So what’s the difference?”

The Big Brother contestants will likely find out about the repercussions to their actions soon enough. Not long after both were seen making racists statements, their real-life modeling agencies fired them.

After the Big Brother fight, many viewers think GinaMarie and Aaryn could be punished on the show as well. In the past Big Brother has automatically evicted contestants for breaking the rules or threatening other houseguests.