‘Big Brother’s’ Aaryn Says She’s Not Racist, Clearly Hasn’t Seen The Racism Supercut

Big Brother 15 housemate Aaryn Gries is completely oblivious to everything we’re saying about her out here in the real world, but thank goodness there’s some common sense in that house. Fellow housemate Amanda Zuckerman finally confronted Gries about her racist comments during Tuesday’s live feed, but the response was a mind-numbing “what racism?”

Last week, Gries and GinaMarie Zimmerman made headlines over a handful of blatantly racist and homophobic comments they made about fellow houseguests. Spotted on the 24/7 live feeds, their comments resulted in both women losing their jobs out here in the real world, though because of the rules of Big Brother, they remain blissfully unaware by how angry and offended we all are.

Now, many of the other housemates have acknowledged the offensive comments of their fellow competitors, but are loathe to bring it up or blow up about ti because they’re afraid it will affect their chances.

But enough gets to be enough after a while, and Zuckerman was the first to finally broach the issue with Gries in the Head of Household bedroom Tuesday.

Spotted on the live feeds, Zuckerman very diplomatically told Gries “friend-to-friend” that several roommates were upset over her comments, and to “be mindful” of her words. Additionally, an apology “would go a really far way” toward making things right and salvaging her image on the show and out here.

The response? Umbrage!

“That’s the most obnoxious, annoying thing I’ve ever heard,” she said to Zuckerman’s apology suggestion.

Zuckerman brought up that African-American player Candice Stewart was upset specifically by Gries’ suggestion that her middle name was “Shaniqua,” which set Gries off all the more.

“That had nothing to do with anything,” she said, annoyed. “The reason I said that was that it was the first name I thought of. I’m sick of being grilled about my life.”

She firmly said that there’s nothing to apologize for.

“I haven’t said anything racist,” she said.

Also, people profile her for her looks all the time.

“The call me Barbie and say all sorts of (expletive) about me being blonde all the time,” she defended. “So what’s the difference?”

The difference is… nope, not worth it.

Do you think that Big Brother‘s Aaryn Gries will last much longer in the house? What will be waiting for her in the real world?