Justin Timberlake Drops New Disco Song ‘Take Back The Night’

It wasn’t an incredibly long wait for the new single that Justin Timberlake teased us with. Two days ago Timberlake debuted a teaser video that introduced his new single “Take Back The Night“.

In the video he held up various cards revealing singles and The 20/20 Experience with their release dates. The last card revealed “Take Back The Night”, but the card shown for its release date was censored. The video caused a flurry of curiosity amongst fans that wanted to hear more of the song that was teased in the video.

Now we have the song in full. Timberlake wrote on his Facebook earlier this afternoon: “Why wait..? The 20/20 Experience continues… Right now! Ladies and Gents, roll your windows down and play it loud!”

Since we know that The 20/20 Experience is all about the visual experience music has over the listener, Timberlake has been very specific about the visual scope he promotes the album with. Part one was a very classic, old Motown sound, which reflected in the black and white photos in his promotional package.

“Take Back The Night’s” promotional image alludes to something a bit different for The 20/20 Experience Part 2. The image promoted with the single features Timberlake in black shades, with his image filtered in an 80s neon color block. This alludes that The 20/20 Experience Part 2 will call to a different time, and perhaps have more of a dance-sound that emulates something new at the same time.

At first listen to the clip we thought there might be a Prince influence, but upon listening to the song in full it’s obvious that the disco era he’s taking from is Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall which was released in 1979.

So far this is one of the first big details known about Timberlake’s next sonic adventure. Earlier the singer said he would release the album in September. By then he will be taking a short break before he embarks on a solo tour.

Currently Timberlake kicked off his Legends of The Summer tour with Jay-Z, and will last through to August.