Injured Kitty In Japan Instant Internet Sensation [Photos]

The Internet is a sucker for cute cats, and this injured kitty in Japan is no exception.

Millions of hearts went “awwwwww” when photos of this little guy appeared online. The photos show the tiny little thing wrapped up in what appears to be a hand made crochet cast, for lack of a better word.

The cat’s owner @jessiepon tweeted the adorable pics of the feline known as Wasabi-chan and Twitter went crazy.

The animal was rescued after being badly injured by a bird.

According to Reddit user, DopeSk1llz, she was rescued after being attacked by a crow, and her top jaw was fractured, plus she had a hole in her throat, the tongue was ripped, and part of the gum was eaten. Awwww.

The rescuer was feeding her with a tube which Wasabi-chan hates, says the Reddit member, thus this crochet straitjacket, made by grandma, to hold her down while she feeds.

The Japanese injured kitty was found on June 2, the Daily News reports and it adds the rescuer brought the cat to the vet and was told the animal would need to be fed by tube.

When the kitty wouldn’t stay still for the sessions, the idea of the straight jacket came about. The unsuspecting rescuer probably never imagined that it would be such a hit.

But it was a smart idea, the Daily News says that Wasabi-chan is now on the road to recovery getting stronger and eating on its own.

Wasabi-chan seems to get along well with the rest of its adoptive family a dog and yes, a bird, as one can see on these pics.

Over 50,000 followers on Twitter are tracking the recovery of the now famous cat, not only Reddit but others on the net have made this kitten one of the most adorable Web stars.

What do you think of the Japanese injured kitty’s popularity? Cute or silly?

[Images via @jessiepon/Twitter]