Natalie Zea Survives, Will Return to ‘The Following’

Can casting news be a spoiler? Natalie Zea apparently survived the knife attack at the end of season one and will be returning for another season of The Following.

Zea was killed nearly killed at the end of season one. TV Guide reports that Claire Mathews did indeed survive the attack and will be returning to the show next season.

Fox and Zea had not agreed to a contract at the end of season one so there was a pretty good chance that the network was going to let her character die.

Zea even felt like it might be time for her character to go.

The actress said: “My concern, and [series creator] Kevin Williamson’s concern, was always, is there more story to tell with Claire? And we both discovered that maybe there wasn’t.”

Well, apparently they decided that Claire’s story isn’t completely over yet. Ace Showbiz reports that Fox and Zea came to an agreement at the “eleventh hour” and Zea will return for season two.

Of course, her character isn’t completely in the clear yet. Fox may just be bringing Zea back for a few hospital scenes. At the moment, it’s unclear what condition Mathews will be in at the start of season 2 and it’s not known if her character will last the entire season.

If Zea’s character does last through season two the actor hopes that Claire undergoes a couple of changes.

Zea, who will also be appearing in Under The Dome this summer, said: “I feel like what would need to happen would be a change to her DNA. In other words, she might have to break bad a little bit. Although I don’t know if anyone besides me would want that.”

Are you happy that Natalie Zea survived? Are you looking forward to the second season of The Following?

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