‘Orange Is The New Black’ Netflix Original Now Streaming [Video]

Orange is the New Black, a Netflix original series, arrived on Thursday. The new series from Weeds creator Jenji Kohan is based on Piper Kerman’s book about her year in a women’s prison.

You can click on that button to see an official trailer for Orange is the New Black, but the usual Not Safe For Work warnings must apply. It’s about a women’s prison, folks. There are plenty of f-bombs and the usual lesbian exploitation theme that a person might expect from a women’s prison story.

So don’t blame me if you’re easily offended by that sort of thing.

And what’s the viewer reaction so far to the women’s prison comedic drama?

Here’s a typical comment from a YouTube poster: “Watched all season one and I have seen so many boobs.”

Even the trailer pretty much opens with a shower scene. So there’s that.

The New York Times review called it more Gossip Girl than Oz. Kohan “further plays with our expectations by taking milieus usually associated with violence and heavy drama — drug dealing, prison life — and making them the subjects of lightly satirical dramedy.”

In the fish out of water plot, a pretty blonde yuppie played by Taylor Schilling is sentenced to federal prison for carrying drugs years before.

What’s the viewer reaction to Orange is the New Black on Twitter? Here’s a few for your consideration:

Sounds like Orange is the New Black is a hit.

[Orange Is The New Black cover photo by Piper Kerman via Facebook]
[prison bars photo credit: dgmiami via photopin cc]