‘Pacific Rim’: Guillermo Del Toro Drops Hints About The Sequel

If Pacific Rim is a box office hit over the weekend, then Guillermo del Toro wants move forward with a sequel. The director already has an idea of where he wants to take the story.

All eyes are currently on the $200 million monster movie produced by Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures. Should the flick pull a Lone Ranger and sink like a stone to the bottom of the box office, chances are a sequel isn’t going to happen.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Pan’s Labyrinth director already has a few ideas in mind for the sequel. Del Toro insists that the next installment wouldn’t be a simple rehash designed to cash in on the film’s popularity.

“We started thinking about a sequel when we got a great response from the first cut that we showed to an audience. We have plans that are pretty bold and pretty crazy. We would not be repeating anything from the first one. We would go to completely fresh territory,” the filmmaker explained.

What can fans expect from the sequel? Before we get into that, it’s worth noting that some of the following information could be construed as spoilers. If you haven’t seen the film and don’t want to know anything substantial going in, then you might want to read the rest of this article later.

Latinos Post explains that del Toro wants to incorporate more of the “drifting” element in Pacific Rim 2. This could mean that humans will assume control of one of these giant monsters during the adventure. The filmmaker also hints that Idris Elba may return for the sequel in some capacity. The follow-up would be an extension of the story as opposed to just more of the same.

A follow-up to Guillermo del Toro’s epic creature feature may not happen if the movie falls short of expectations over the next three days. Since The Lone Ranger and White House Down were big-budget disappointments, many are wondering if Pacific Rim will meet a similar fate.

“You know things that were supposed to do well that fell short. So I think it’s getting trickier and trickier because of diversification of audiences to sort of pinpoint [how well a film will perform],” Legendary Pictures President Thomas Tull explained.

Are you planning to catch Pacific Rim in theaters this weekend?

[Image via Warner Bros. / Legendary Pictures]