Mitt Romney Campaign Remains Strong In Kenya

Kenya Is The Mitt Romney's Current Stop

Thought the Mitt Romney campaign for president ended last fall? In Kenya, the Republican candidate is still going strong — or at least, the unused campaign memorabilia are.

Those who recall the 2012 presidential election circus might recall the special attention a fringe group called “Birthers” paid to President Obama’s Kenyan heritage. These far-right activists claimed that Barack Obama was not born in Hawaii, but instead in Kenya.

So some might find it especially ironic to find that dozens of Kenyans are now proudly sporting Romney Ryan 2012 campaign shirts and garments.

Hundreds of pieces of the undesired shirts were donated to the Orbit Village Project school, located in Nairobi, Huffington Post says. They came from the Knox County Romney Campaign of Tennessee, who thought it would be a waste to send the clothes to the landfill or to a storage unit to collect dust.

One of the Tennessee campaign’s managers had an aunt, Cyndy Waters, who founded the Orbit Village Project. Waters heard about her nephew’s shirt problem and offered to take the Mitt Romney campaign shirts and put them to good use at the Orbit School of the Cross.

The Orbit Village Project was founded by Waters to take care of and educate orphans whose parents have died due to AIDS or are otherwise too ill to raise their children, says CBC News.

Speaking about the shirts and their meaning to the Kenyan students, Waters said that not only will they be appreciated as new clothes, but will stimulate their education. She says the students “love to talk about politics and very much admire the way Americans handle elections.”

The students, Waters says, have taken a special interest in recent Kenyan elections, comparing them to US politics which they also follow closely.

Kenyans in general take an interest in US political happenings, as evidenced by a woman there who named her newly born twins Barack Obama and Mitt Romney several months ago.

Perhaps an unusual way for the failed Mitt Romney campaign to live on, in Kenya, at least the hundreds of unwanted political memorabilia can be used by people who need it.

[Image via Daily Caller]