Daughter Lifts 5,600-Pound Jeep Off Dad [Video]

Rachael Simmons Lifts Jeep Off Dad

When a 5,600-pound Jeep fell on and pinned her father down, daughter Rachael Simmons lifted the Jeep off her father in a “superhero-like rescue.”

When her father, Adam, became pinned under a Jeep Liberty SUV, Simmons, 22, somehow mustered the strength to lift the car off him, CBS Boston reported.

Adam has been working on his daughter’s Jeep in the driveway of their Plymouth home when the jacks supporting it collapsed and one of the SUV’s wheel rotor’s landed on his right leg.

“All of a sudden, it collapsed towards me, landed on my leg, pinning me right to the ground,” Simmons said.

The job had been a simple routine fix-up, simply working on the breaks of the vehicle. A simple fix-up went wrong quickly.

Adam’s daughter was inside the house when she had heard her dad begin yelling.

“I ran out of the house and I saw him under my car,” she said.

“I just lifted so he could get free. It was just the adrenaline rushing right through my body. I don’t know if I would have been able to do it otherwise.”

Adrenaline can prove to be helpful in many cases. It is also known to help in extreme situations, giving people “superhero-like” reflexes and strength.

Paramedics arrived and doctors at a nearby hospital told Simmons his injuries could have been much worse if he had been pinned under the Jeep longer according to CBS Boston.

Adam had no broken bones, only some heavy bruising and some lacerations.

Doctors explained to him that if he’d been pinned down longer, artery or blood flow problems could have occurred according to the Huffington Post.

Adam is a very grateful father, and is very thankful that his daughter was home and acted quickly.

“She’s my hero for it,” he said. “I don’t know what would have happened if she wasn’t here to rescue me.”

Rachael Simmons is a hero to her father after she was able to lift a 5,600-pound Jeep off of her father.

[Image via Wikimedia]