The new iPod Touch … it’s mostly battery

Can you just imagine what out shiny toys would look like if they didn’t have to have over half their size taken up by the battery?

When the iPad first came out and the tear-downs began the first thing that became apparent was just how much of the whole gadget was the battery. Well that trend has continued with the next generation iPod Touch according to the guys at iFixit who are in the process of one of their famous gadget tear-downs of the new toy from Apple.

Here is the image of the new iPod Touch and its honkin’ big battery.

Some of the other little technical points that we now know thanks to iFixit

  • 640 x 960 LCD
  • 11-gram EMI shield
  • 3.44 Whr Li-Pol cell
  • Front facing camera – same quality as in the iPhone
  • rear-facing camera – .7 megapixela
  • Same A4 processor as found in the iPad

via Engadget