Microsoft apologizes for banning of gamer from Fort Gay

Microsoft has had to apologize to an Xbox 360 owner who was temporarily banned from the Xbox Live service for listing his location as Fort Gay.

While a swift suspension may sound justified for what was seemingly a homophobic slur, Fort Gay is actually a real town in West Virginia. Ban victim Josh Moore tried to convince Microsoft of this, but they were having none of it, and the 26-year-old lost his gaming privileges for a few days last week.

Since then, Xbox Live bossman Stephen Toulouse has admitted an error was made and that ‘training’ (or ‘learning to use Google’) for Microsoft’s Xbox Live moderation team has been updated.

Extra training’s all well and good, Toulouse, but do you really think the innocent inhabitants of Dildo will sleep easy tonight? WELL DO YOU!?

[Associated Press, via Joystiq]