Judge Nelson, Zimmerman Defense Spar Over Sucker Punch Charges

Zimmerman trial resumes

In Florida, Judge Nelson and George Zimmerman’s defense team continued to trade barbs today as closing arguments in the Trayvon Martin case remained adversarial.

The George Zimmerman trial circus continued in taking bizarre turns today, with the tension observed during a late-night courtroom tiff Tuesday extending into today, and Judge Nelson appeared at times to have lost patience with the defense team as the jury prepares to deliberate.

Twitter lit up over Judge Nelson’s rulings and statements this morning, including one opining that defense witnesses shilling their own expertise sounded like they were starring in “infomercials” from the stand.

In a major blow to the defense, Judge Nelson ruled on lesser charges and whether the jury may convict on them, and CBS reports:

“… a request by prosecutors for the jury to also consider a lesser charge of third-degree felony murder – an offense that includes the commission of child abuse – drew heated opposition from the defense… Defense attorney Don West called the possible lesser charge of third-degree felony murder ‘outrageous’ and a ‘trick’ by the state. He said prosecutors asked for the inclusion at the last minute.”

West himself sassed back over the decision, saying:

Just when I thought this case couldn’t get any more bizarre, the state is seeking third-degree felony murder based on child abuse?”

Trayvon Martin was just weeks past his 17th birthday when he was gunned down on February 26, 2012.

Social media users are entranced by the heated exchanges in the trial, tweeting things like:

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