George Zimmerman Trial Debates Lesser Charges Of Manslaughter, Aggravated Assault

The latest George Zimmerman trial update shows that, besides closing arguments, the closing chapter may decide George Zimmerman’s fate if further charges can be considered.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the overwhelming consensus seems to be that the prosecution has not met the Burden of Proof for the second degree murder charges in the George Zimmerman trial.

George Zimmerman Not Guilty?

Whether jury finds George Zimmerman guilty or not guilty is dependent largely on the charge being made. Second degree murder requires that George Zimmerman had a “depraved mind, hatred, malice, evil intent or ill will” toward Trayvon Martin despite the two never meeting before that night. The prosecution has to prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” that George Zimmerman did not believe self defense was the only way to protect himself from “imminent death or great bodily harm.”

Political pundits say the prosecutors in the George Zimmerman trial contradicted the state’s opening statement and provided reasonable doubt to the jury. While Don’s West joke at the beginning of the trial was awful, otherwise the defense has provided witnesses like Dr. Vincent Di Maio, the forensic pathologist who said the evidence was consistent with Zimmerman’s account. Perhaps people see the writing on the wall because some are already calling for Trayvon riots if the jury finds George Zimmerman not guilty.

Today, the George Zimmerman trial will see closing arguments but what’s most important is what comes after. The judge will decide whether jurors are allowed to consider lesser charges like manslaughter and aggravated assault as the state prosecutors recently requested. The difference could mean life in prison, only years, or George Zimmerman walking away scott free.

Do you think George Zimmerman is guilty of lesser charges but not second degree murder?