Pothole Saves Grandfather’s Life, Months After He’d Complained To Council About State Of Road

Pothole saves

A pothole saved the life of a grandfather after the ambulance he was a passenger in drove into the dip in the road and reset his heart.

Ray Lee, a 65-year-old native of Salisbury, England, was exercising in his home when his heart rate rose to an unstable 190 beats per minute, after he had suffered a suspected ventricular tachycardia attack, which can potentially lead to death.

As the crippling pains in his chest left him on the floor, his wife decided to call an ambulance, which arrived and then shepherded him to the nearest hospital.

On his way to Salisbury District Hospital, where he would have received an injection to stop his heart before they then restarted it.

However as the car paced along the poorly maintained road it hit a pothole so viciously that it threw him up off his stretcher. When he landed back on the floor, his heart had reset itself to 60bpm and he made a full recovery.

Mr. Lee stated of the ordeal, “The paramedics gave me an injection and strapped me to an ECG machine, which showed my heart was going at 186 beats per minute. We raced along the roads at high speed, with a medic standing in the back, leaning over me.”

He then added, “All of a sudden, there was a massive bang as we smacked into a pothole and the whole ambulance jolted. Everyone of board jumped and I was lifted off the stretcher, before falling back into place. After a  few seconds I readjusted myself, settled back down, and looked over at the monitor to see my heart rate had plummeted to 60bpm.”

Mr. Lee then revealed that paramedics were shocked, but still continued to the hospital as they were unsure what had occurred. He then admitted that he “felt a bit of a fraud,” by the time he’d made it to A&E because his heart had returned to normal.

Mr. Lee also stated, “I’d been cursing the council for months about the state of the roads because I spend my life dodging potholes, but now I never want them to fill another pothole again.”

[Image via Sponner/Shutterstock]