Justin Timberlake Previews New Song ‘Take Back The Night’ [Video]


When Justin Timberlake isn’t hiring nude models to project his image off of for music videos, he’s playing with our emotions as he lingers the impending release date of his new album over our heads.

It’s no secret that Justin Timberlake is releasing a second album to his number one hit album The 20/20 Experience. Much of what’s on the second album has been shrouded in secrecy since he announced the album’s release was in September. Now we have one more piece to the puzzle for Timberlake’s second chapter to his big comeback.

This evening Timberlake posted a video on his YouTube channel that previews presumably the leading single off of his new album. The single in question is an 80s throwback that has a dancey Prince feel to the track, which is called “Take Back the Night.”

In the video Justin Timberlake is seen stepping out of an antique car. Timberlake needs no words as he flips through messages he wrote in marker that go through a timeline of dates for his two singles “Suit & Tie”, “Mirrors” and the date of release for The 20/20 Experience.

After “Take Back the Night” is shown, the date for its release is blurred, before Timberlake turns, and jogs up the stairs inside that leads inside of a club filled with neon strobe lights, as it plays the presumed track “Take Back the Night.”

It’s a short clip but it’s enough to let listeners know what Timberlake is thinking for his second release. It’s purely a dance track, and there’s absolutely no signs of Timbaland on it, who produced all of the songs on The 20/20 Experience. The change in sound might clear up those rumors of a possible collaboration with Pharrell Williams. Williams has seen his own resurgence in the music industry as he is currently enjoying success with his single ” Get Lucky” which he is featured on with Daft Punk.