David Hasselhoff Shows Up To Nightclub Driving KITT From ‘Knight Rider’

David Hasselhoff is apparently not ready to let his Knight Rider days go.

The 60-year-old actor and television host showed up to a nighclub in the UK on Friday in a replica of KITT, his talking car that helped him solve crime in the television show. Hasselhoff was serving as host for the evening, which was a celebration of the 1980s.

At the club, Hasselhoff chatted with chatted with guests, signed autographs, and posed for pictures.

“He was a really nice bloke and enjoyed a chat. He even danced with some of my mum’s friends,” said Visage manager Paul Moisey “Everyone had a good time.”

David Hasselhoff has been a judge on the reality show Britain’s Got Talent, but this week he also got a new gig in the United States. This week the convenience store chain Cumberland Farms announced that the Hoff was reprising his role as a pitchman for the company, appearing in a commercial in which he serenades a cup of frozen coffee.

“Looking right at home on the beach, Hasselhoff sings of his affection for Cumberland Farms’ Farmhouse Blend iced coffee in a new music video showcasing the humorous side of the former Baywatch star,” ad company Full Contact said.

Hasselhoff teamed up with Cumberland Farms last summer for a promotion that saw the company print 600 life-size cutouts of The Hoff to place outside stores. Unfortunately, the promotion was a little too popular and every single sign ended up being stolen.

Despite the unplanned spate of theft the first promotion caused, the company said the campaign was a success. Sales of Farmhouse Blend Coffee increased by 147 percent, and a great fan reaction led to Hasselhoff being brought back again.

“We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and luckily neither does David Hasselhoff. We saw the awareness and entertainment value he brought to the brand last year and are looking forward to the same this year,” said David Heilbronner, Senior Manager Brand Strategy, Cumberland Farms.

The event at Visage nightclub was also a great success, promoters said. It drew hundreds of people waiting to meet David Hasselhoff and KITT. During the event, clips from Knight Rider and Baywatch played on giant screens.

(Photo via Facebook)