President Obama Caught Blatantly Lying To Children: ‘Broccoli Is My Favorite Food’ [Video]

Stop the presses: President Obama’s favorite food is broccoli.

At a White House event (specifically a “state dinner” for kid chefs), the president was asked by a pint-sized journalist what his favorite food was.

Given the event’s theme, “Healthy Lunchtime Challenge,” Obama said “broccoli.”

Within minutes of the response, “broccoli” became a trending term on Twitter, with hundreds of tweeps making jokes about the president’s answer.

“…um no one’s favorite food is broccoli,” wrote one confused user. “What a load of BS. Even lying about something as petty and trivial as this… ” joked another.

As you can likely tell, many tweets had something of a political tone to them. With the problems being faced by the U.S. both here at home and abroad, maybe Obama family stories that once inspired such levity just don’t have the same charm as they used to.

And of course, President Obama’s “broccoli” line carries the sting of blatant hypocrisy. Why, just last year he told Oprah how much he loves “pizza nights around the White House.” Scholastic Inc. indicated that President Obama has a love for “chili, french fries, and pork chops.”

But the real issue here, honestly, is how lame the event was to begin with. Nothing against Michelle Obama and her “healthy eats crusade,” but a few things about the event made our inner child cringe.

The menu included tons of salads, lean meats and veggies, and the children who attended the event were treated to a personal tour of Michelle Obama’s vegetable garden after the lunch. I think the expression is “rolling on the floor, laughing my a** off.”

Hear this: Vegetables are good for you and absolutely necessary to a nutritious diet and a healthy lifestyle. But they are necessary evils. They will never be cool.

Check out some media dissection of President Obama’s “broccoli” comment below:

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