Microsoft Ad Claims iPad ‘Fails When You Need It Most’

A new Microsoft ad for Windows 8 tablets claims that the iPad fails when users need it the most.

In the ad, a Windows 8 tablet user stands next to an iPad user as the two men attempt to scout a minor league baseball pitcher.

As both men take video calls on their devices, they are asked to pull up stats on players. The Windows 8 user quickly pulls up various apps and provides numbers with no interruptions to their device. The Apple iPad user, however, is forced to close apps in order to open other software options.

Eventually, the Windows 8 user jumps at the chance to speak with the minor league player while the Apple iPad user tells his boss they lost their chance.

Microsoft ads in the past have touted the OS’ multi-tasking capabilities but this ad takes a direct attack approach. In many ways it reminds us of the “I’m a Mac” commercials in which the Mac Guy watched as the Microsoft guy bumbled around to compete.

You may recall that back in May Microsoft setup a website that specifically compared the Apple iPad to Windows 8-based tablets.

The two companies have a lot on the line in the mobility sector, which means we are likely to see more attack ads from both sides in the near future. With Apple sales slipping for its flagship devices and its share prices nearly cut in half over the last year, we doubt Apple will sit by idly.

What do you think of the new Microsoft attack ad against the Apple iPad?