Tall Man Gets Stuck In Six Flags Log Fume Ride

A tall man got stuck in the Saw Mill Log Flume ride at Six Flags Great Adventure this past weekend, and mechanics were needed to help remove him.

The man was visiting the New Jersey based theme park on Saturday when he became “wedged under the front lip of a log boat.”

To help remove the tall man after he became stuck, mechanics needed to take apart a padding strip. Eventually, enough space was evacuated for the theme park visitor to free himself from his logged shackles.

The Saw Mill Log Fume includes a four-story water slide that plummets into a pool of water.

The tall man stuck inside the log fume led several reporters to joke that perhaps they should put a sign up that reads, “You must NOT be this tall to ride.”

It wasn’t a great day for visitors at Six Flags Great Adventure as a teenager was hospitalized after falling at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, the park’s adjacent water park.

While most amusement park rides are well tested and generally safe, we often report on at least a few stuck upside rollercoasters and various minor injuries that occur on a summer-by-summer basis.

According to a 2012 report by the National Safety Council, out of 290 million people who visited theme parks and rode 1.7 billion rides, only 1,299 were injured. Many of those injuries involved just minor scrapes, bumps, and bruises.

Dozens of park visitors at various parks around the world have died over the last several decades, often due to the fault of the rides and not because they are tall and get stuck.

Six Flags Great Adventure representatives have not yet commented on the tall guy who got stuck on their ride.

Are you worried about the safety of amusement park rides, or do you wait for hours in line to take on the newest in roller coaster tech?