‘Scream’ Producer Sues Ex For Stalking Her

Scream producer sues ex

In somewhat of a real-life drama, Scream producer sues her ex-boyfriend for stalking her.

Marianne Maddalena is opening up about the “pain and suffering” she suffered when her ex-boyfriend hacked into her office computer and installed a GPS tracking system on her car without her knowledge.

Maddalena and partner Wes Craven have been involved in horror films such as Scream series, Dracula 2000 and The Hills Have Eyes.

Her ex Derrick John Toole, who according to court records has been convicted of felonies last year was a contractor in the construction business and, according to Maddalena’s lawsuit, had “many high-profile clients.”

Maddalena and Toole met in late 2007 and she thought were in a normal relationship which included flowers, cards, trips, and the usual courtship events.

But in 2009, Toole began using spyware to intercept her e-mails, texts and other electronic communications. That year, she was working on Last House on the Left, a horror film that she co-produced with Craven.

The Scream producer’s ex boyfriend allegedly broke in her production company and gained access to personal and professional information.

The complaint claims that Toole was able to track down everyone Maddalena interacted with and follow her every move by installing tracking devices in her car.

“In or around 2010, Ms. Maddalena thought she was losing her mind as family, friends and co-workers seemed to back off and drop out of her life,” says the lawsuit.

Maddalena was so distressed that she began seeing a therapist and could not figure out why people kept dropping in and out of her life.

The complaint also alleges,

The damages to Plaintiff include not only great emotional distress and paranoid feelings born out of mistrust, but also the sense that Plaintiff is being watched — always being watched.

She didn’t realize at the time that Toole was impersonating her, by sending damaging emails and texts to her friends and family.

In January 2011, the Scream producer received a reply to an email she was certain she never sent. She hired a computer company to investigate and the spyware was found.

The FBI got involved and found more evidence pointing to Toole. She confronted him and he broke down admitting to some of what he had done to her.

The suit, the Maddalena says, is not a way to simply get compensated for damages, but to make a point to Toole and others like him to take note of what their actions mean to their victims.

Maddalena is taking a break from the horror genre by executive producing Jerusalem, I Love You, which covers 10 love stories in the holy city.

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