Woman Found Living In Cancun Airport

A 45-year-old Mexican woman has spent more than a week living in the seaside city’s airport, staying inside the transportation hub since June 30 for unknown reasons according to the New York Daily News.

Marcela Silvia Montano Mancera is a Mexican citizen and isn’t wanted for any crimes — but she has wandered the building’s hallways since landing on a flight from the United States according to police.

An airline worker toldNews Corp Australia, “She looks like a regular passenger at first glance, people don’t look at her, but we have seen her every day.”

“We are not doctors, but it’s obvious that she has problems, some of my co-workers tried to speak with her, but at times it seems as if she loses it.”

Mancera has been seen sleeping on the floor, washing in the restrooms, and withdrawing money from an ATM to pay for meals at the airport restaurants according to News Corp Australia.

Yahoo News reported that the woman has not caused any trouble, although she been walking around speaking to herself in Spanish and English, a Federal Police officer said.

While she hasn’t caused any trouble during the week she has been living in the airport, officials can’t be blamed for being cautious.

In the past few days, news of two plane crashes has many still shaken up.

An Alaska plan crash that killed two South Carolina families was one of them.

Those killed in the fiery crash were Melet and Kim Antonakos and their children — Ana, Mills, and Olivia. Also killed were Chris and Stacey McManus and their children, Meghan and Connor.

The pilot, who was from Alaska, was also killed.

A second incident was an Asiana Airlines crash at San Francisco International Airport which left two 16-year-old girls dead and dozens injured after a Boeing 777 cartwheeled across the runway.

With all the news of plane accidents, airport officials are correct to keep an eye on the woman living in the Cancun airport, just to make sure everyone, including Mancera, stays safe.

[Image via Shutterstock/ IM_photo]