Lady Gaga Leaves Twitter

lady gaga

Lady Gaga has shutdown her Twitter account.

The singer, who has close to 40 million Twitter followers, said that she was momentarily leaving the social network. Lady Gaga didn’t give a reason for the departure but did say that fans should check the account for more updates.

The singer said: This interface has been shutdown temporarily. Please check back for updates.

Gaga also removed her picture in favor of the default egg symbol and deleted all of her Tweets after February, 2013.

The singer hasn’t given a reason for the Twitter shutdown but Glamour reports that it may be part of a promotional strategy for her new album ARTPOP. The website believes that Gaga is stepping away from social media for the time being so that everyone notices when she returns with a message about her new album.

MSN notes that Lady Gaga was recently voted World’s Most Powerful Musicians of 2013. The list, which is created by Forbes, uses social media influence as one of its deciding factors. Gaga has 39 million Twitter followers and 57.9 million Facebook followers.

Gaga has not shutdown her Facebook account.

Are you surprised that Lady Gaga left Twitter without an explanation? What will the Twitterverse be like without its Mother Monster?