Grant Reed Tumor: Ohio State Fan Names His Tumor ‘Michigan’ Then Beats It

Grant Reed’s tumor could have left him feeling sorry for himself while he spent time at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Instead, the 12-year-old Ohio State fan chose to name his tumor “Michigan,” and then he fought to beat it.

Reed’s parents Troy and Denise were members of the Ohio State University Marching Band, and their school spirit has turned the family into diehard Buckeyes fans.

Two years ago, Grand Reed’s tumor was diagnosed and almost immediately he decided to give his tumor the name Michigan.

Michigan and Ohio State are fierce rivals, so Grant couldn’t think of a better thing he would want to beat than “Michigan.”

The story of the boys tumor and his choice in naming his cancerous spot led OSU Head Coach Urban Meyer to stop by the hospital in December.

After he rang the 11th floor bell reserved for cancer survivors at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, his dad told NBC4i:

“We’ve beaten Michigan for the short term, but like any rival, there’s a chance it can come back.”

Grant Reed’s tumor is in remission, but he will return every three months to the hospital for an MRI. While his speech and mobility have been affected by the treatment Grant at least has the satisfaction of knowing that for now he has defeated “Michigan.”

Before he left the hospital, Grant Reed and his family donated two wagons for future patients. The wagons says “Beat Michigan” on their sides.

Here’s a closer look at Grant Reed and his fight against a deadly tumor:


While Grant Reed’s tumor fight against “Michigan” might seem like a silly way for a kid to deal with cancer, research has shown that a positive attitude in the fight against cancer can mean all the difference. Any diehard college sports fan can tell you that there is a lot of motivation in defeating your schools biggest rival.

[Image screencast via NBC4i]