MC Daleste Was Killed Onstage Because Of ‘Jealousy,’ His Father Says

MC Daleste was killed because of others who envied his success, the father of the funk artist murdered on stage said at his son’s funeral.

The 20-year-old Brazilian funk artist and rapper, born Daniel Pellegrine, was killed on stage as he performed at a concert in the Brazilian city of Campinas. The video shows Daleste rapping on stage when he suddenly recoils and collapses to the ground. After a moment the other performers on stage realize what has happened and try to help him, just as the video cuts out.

Daleste was performing a free show at a government public housing project outside of Sao Paulo when the shooting occurred. He was rushed to a hospital afterward but died from the wounds.

Daleste was laid to rest on Monday, two days after his murder. A large group of fans showed up to honor the 20-year-old rising star, and his family was still hurting from the murder.

Roland Pellegrine, Daleste’s father, said he has no idea why someone would want to kill his son.

“It was envy. Jealousy kills,” Roland said. “[He] was a very good boy, a charismatic boy, docile. He had no enemies … My son was the king of funk.”

Leonardo de Freitas, a funk singer known as MC Leo da Baixada, remembered MC Daleste as someone always willing to help others.

“We see him onstage trying to cheer everyone and it happens there,” Freitas said (in Portuguese). “Some people have no heart.”

There have been no arrests yet in Daleste’s killing, which is the latest high-profile crime to take place in Brazil. Last week an angry soccer crowd attacked and beheaded a soccer referee. The official had stabbed a player who attacked him after being given a red card.


The crimes are a black mark for the country, which next year hosts soccer’s World Cup and in 2016 plays host to the Summer Olympics.

Police said the video of Daleste being shot onstage will be a crucial piece of evidence in the investigation.