Amanda Bynes: ‘Surgeon Broke My Nose, I Can’t Breathe’

Poor, poor Amanda Bynes. The surgeon broke her nose, and now she can’t breathe. That’s what she said on Twitter in a string of tweets which I screen captured and posted down below, because ever so often the former actress catches a case of Twitter remorse and deletes her best tweets.

So about Amanda Bynes’ broken nose. It seems like her heartless Twitter followers just don’t care. The response has been something along the lines of, “Pictures or it didn’t happen.”

Only with more f-bombs and witch-with-a-b’s.

Do I believe that Amanda Bynes is tweeting her way through her nose surgery while a clueless (or peeved-off) surgeon breaks her nose and leaves her gasping for breath? I guess I probably don’t.

I find that only slightly more credible than the Amanda Bynes Obama tweet yesterday where she called the Barack and Michelle Obama “ugly.”

Which is to say that I’m not particularly impressed that she’s making these statements for any reason other than pure-d out-and-out attention-whoring. If you ask yourself why exactly is Amanda Bynes still a celebrity, the answer always seems to be “well, that’s a very good question.”

You know what? I’m not a plastic surgeon nor do I play one on TV. I vaguely think there’s some surgery where the doctor breaks your nose before it’s rebuilt, but maybe there is and maybe there isn’t.

And that’s my feeling about the Amanda Bynes nose surgery “I can’t breathe” tweets.

Twitter is right: Pictures or it didn’t happen. But not everyone agrees.

So whatever. Here’s the tweets in question:

Amanda Bynes nose
Amanda Bynes screenshots 3:30 AM July 9

Do you think Amanda Bynes can breathe? What are your thoughts on the Amanda Bynes “surgeon broke my nose” tweets?

[photos by Amanda Bynes via Twitter]