Amanda Bynes: Obamas Are New Twitter ‘Ugly’ Target

Amanda Bynes’ Obama tweet means that she’s on the Twitter warpath again. She’s called everyone from Rihanna to her own father “ugly,” so maybe it isn’t any huge surprise that she isn’t much impressed by anybody’s looks.

Still, it’s a little whackadoo to sign into Twitter on a fine summer morning only to read this announcement from Amanda Bynes: “Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are ugly!”

Seriously? The cute couple widely regarded as our most attractive presidential pair in years if not decades is, by Bynes’ exacting standards, ugly?

A bitter, suspicious person might start to wonder if she fears that she’s losing her grip on public notoriety.

In recent days, Amanda Bynes has been holding out hope of some plastic surgery photos or at least an outbreak of a raging eating disorder. She has even announced that she dropped her weight from a high of 135 all the way down to 100 pounds on her approximately 5’8 frame.

A recent tweet, also in the screenshot I posted below, claimed that she’s already made it to 107.

And yet, somehow, the world has taken little note of her current antics. We’ve moved onto the next shiny thing. Everybody wants to know when Edward Snowden will get his happy you-know-what to Venezuela or some such backwater so that Obama can send in Seal Team 6 to take him out.

We don’t have time for Amanda Bynes’ drama any more.

(OK, I’m kidding about Seal Team 6. But I totally know it can’t happen while the dude’s sitting in a Russian airport.)


I don’t want to be the one to break it to Bynes, but calling out Barack and Michelle Obama as ugly probably won’t even get her a visit from the Secret Service unless they’re feeling sorry for her.

What do you folks out there think about the Obama ugly tweet from Amanda Bynes? Pitiful or just pathetic?

Amanda Bynes screenshot
Screenshot of Amanda Bynes recent tweets

[Amanda Bynes via Twitter]