Chickens Increasingly Abandoned At Animal Shelters By Hipster Farmers

The number of chickens abandoned at animal shelters by urban farmers is growing at an alarming rate.

Although some folks were initially thrilled with the idea of raising their own chickens, a large number of people quickly became disillusioned. The amount of upkeep required to keep the animals healthy and happy was apparently too much for them to handle.

As a result, a large number of backyard chickens are abandoned at animal shelters by urban farmers who don’t want to keep up with their end of the bargain. Instead of learning to care for the animals, many fair-weather owners have decided to kick the chickens to the curb.

Humane Society spokesman Paul Shapiro told NBC News that hundreds of chickens are dropped off at shelters every year. Sometimes people will drop off around a dozen at a time. Unfortunately, this number is only getting bigger as more hipster farmers decide to abandoned their plans.

“Many areas with legalized hen-keeping are experiencing more and more of these birds coming in when they’re no longer wanted. You get some chicks and they’re very cute, but it’s not as though you can throw them out in the yard and not care for them,” Shapiro explained.

According to Cinema Blend, the number of chickens abandoned at animal shelters has grown to record numbers. Chicken Run Rescue in Minneapolis explained that only 50 chickens were dropped off in 2001. By the time 2012 rolled around, over 500 chickens were being abandoned every year.

Chicken Run Rescue owner Mary Britton Clouse said it comes down to people not wanting to invest the time or the energy required to raise the chickens. When urban farmers realize the amount of work needed to keep them healthy, they often take the animals to the nearest shelter.

“People don’t know what they’re doing. And you’ve got this whole culture of people who don’t know what the hell they’re doing teaching every other idiot out there,” she explained.

MSN reported last month that Seattle resident Tiffany Young transformed her yard into a makeshift sanctuary for chickens and ducks dumped by urban farmers. Young said most people decide to get rid of these animals within five weeks of buying them.

What do you think about the growing number of chickens being abandoned at animal shelters by hipster farmers? Are these individuals giving other backyard chicken owners a bad name?

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