Al Sharpton: MMA Trained George Zimmerman Didn’t Have To Use Gun [Video]

Dan Evon - Author

Jul. 5 2013, Updated 3:03 p.m. ET

Rev. Al Sharpton weight in on the Trayvon Martin case today saying that George Zimmerman’s story just doesn’t add up.

Sharpton took issue with two points made during the Trayvon Marton trial. For one, the NBC host doesn’t see how Trayvon could have been “reigning blows” on Zimmerman since the medical examiner testified that Martin didn’t have any extensive injuries to his hands.

Sharpton also questioned why Zimmerman didn’t used his “MMA” training to fight back against Martin instead of pulling out his gun.

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Al Sharpton said: “If he was raining blows, MMA-style, you think there would be some physical evidence of that on his fists.Second, it was testified that Zimmerman had MMA training. If Zimmerman had MMA training and there was an MMA attack going on, why didn’t he use his MMA training to defend himself?”

Sharpton’s comments come after neighbor Jonathan Good took the stand and said that he saw a serious fight occur outside his house before the shooting. Good said that he saw Zimmerman on the ground while Martin hit him “MMA” style.

Here’s a video about Good’s testimony from earlier this week.

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Here is Al Sharpton talking about some of the alleged holes in Good’s testimony.

This isn’t the first time that Sharpton has taken issue with Zimmerman’s story. Earlier this week he made a similar statement saying that Zimmerman should have been able to use his martial arts training instead of his gun.

Sharpton said: “You’re telling me you’re a watchmen that was training in martial arts, knew you had a gun, and you couldn’t’ do anything but shoot to kill this guy – a 17-year-old kid can come and hit you two or three times and the only thing you can do is try to kill him? What happened to your martial arts training?”


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