Shakira Shows Skin At Soccer Game, Causes Controversy In Iran

Sharkia was spotted this weekend in the crowd at a soccer game wearing a sleeveless shirt. That may not sound too controversial but the image was shown on the conservative Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting network which typically doesn’t show women with bare arms.

The Evening Standard reports that the network received several complaints after the image was shown on TV. People called the images “indecent” and “un-Islamic.”

The Guardian reports that the video of Shakira at the soccer match was controversial in Iran for several reasons. For one, women are rarely seen showing any skin on the IRIB. Iranian women are also not allowed to accompany men to soccer matches.

Needless to say, when Shakira was shown on IRIB, wearing a sleeveless shirt and enjoying a soccer match with several man, Twitter lit up with activity.

One user wrote: “Everyone tune in to [IRIB’s] channel 3, they’re showing Shakira!!!.”

Another wrote: “Last night they showed Shakira, tonight they shall show Jennifer [Lopez].”

Shakira’s husband Gerard Piqué plays for FC Barcelona and the singer is frequently spotted at the side of the field. The Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting system was obviously not ready to censor Shakira during the match earlier this week.

Shakira isn’t the only person causing trouble for the IRIB. The state channel has also been broadcasting women’s volleyball games this week. Temperatures were hot in Sardina and several women on the sidelines were wearing clothes deemed “indecent” by some viewers. The IRIB tries to censor the images before they are broadcast but that can be difficult during live events.

It’s much easier to censor the images when it comes in print. For instance, last February a photo of Michelle Obama was doctored by the Iranian media in order to give the First Lady sleeves.

[Image Via Alarabiya]

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