Philly woman has surgery to fix ‘BlackBerry thumb’

In addition to kind of sucking compared to iPhones, it turns out that using a BlackBerry all the time can cause you to require surgery to get tendons removed from your hand.

Actually, the culprit in this case was an iPhone. Excessive smartphone usage is bit of a lurking danger nowadays, taking the blame for sexting, unpaid overtime, unwitting porn stardom via upskirt pics, and now apparently, good old repetitive strain injury. A Philadephia mortgage banker who claims to have spent 12 hours a day on her iPhone recently underwent surgery to correct the physical damage caused by the strain of constant iPhone usage.

“I’m texted out,” she said.

The constant texting put so much pressure on her hands that the tendons in her thumb became inflamed. She had to undergo surgery to remove the tendons.

The woman, who was not identified by name in the story, is recovering from the embarrassment of people thinking she’s still using BlackBerry; and using the “hunt and peck” method of phone-typing. If you are experiencing pain, numbness or tingling in your hands, you’re probably masturbating too much. Failing that, could you be the next victim of “BlackBerry Thumb?”

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