Jamie-Lynn Sigler Says She’ll Give Baby A Normal Name [Video]


Actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler promises that she’ll give her baby a “normal name” in spite of the strange celebrity habit of giving their children odd, even laughable names.

TMZ spotted the heavily pregnant 32-year-old in Los Angeles yesterday and asked her what she thought of baby names like “Apple Martin” and “North West,” and if she had a creative appellation in mind for her own soon-to-be-born child. She reassured us that no, her child will have a normal name like Chris or Steve.

“It will be a NORMAL name. A real name,” she said.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler has been in the news lately for other baby-related news, namely her confident and sexy approach to pregnancy.

A handful of pictures hit the media showing Sigler strutting her stuff in a tiny bikini, which isn’t really all that uncommon among celebrities. What’s uncommon was Sigler’s absolute comfort and confidence in the suit, versus her aversion to them when she doesn’t have a bun in the oven.

“I would probably not be caught in a bikini otherwise, but when you’re pregnant, it is what it is! However your body’s carrying is how your body’s carrying,” she remarked.

Sigler is pregnant with her first child, a boy, and has said in the past that she hasn’t quite settled on a name yet. Maybe James (Sopranos reference win).

Are you a fan of Jamie-Lynn Sigler? You can check out the video of her confirming that her baby will have a “normal” name below: