‘Lazy’ Telecommuters Are More Productive Than Office Workers, Study Says

If you think telecommuters are “lazy” work from home employees who have it easy, you’re wrong. A new study finds that telecommuters on average complete 24 more days of work per year when compared to their office-based colleagues.

The research conducted by videoconferencing service provider UCi2i polled 1,000 office employees in the UK to determine the benefits of a flexible working environment.

According to the study, UCi2i found that 94 percent of UK office workers work better when they conduct business from home. A total of 84 percent of employees claim to work better even though they lack much of the appropriate technology used to communicate in the office.

Some 26 percent of workers said peace and quiet contribute to their higher level of work. A total of 18 percent of workers say they pick up more work time because they don’t have to commute, and 13 percent said they feel as if telecommuting gives them a better work/life balance.

The study examined the industries in which employees “over work” by five hour per week. The transportation industry led the way with 40 percent followed by 35.71 percent of the finance industry and 35 percent of the manufacturing industry.

On the flip side of the survey, 84 percent of workers said they were uncomfortable with their colleagues not working alongside them.

UCi2i launched the study to determine how its new personal video collaboration tool can better increase communication between telecommuters and officer workers.

Perhaps with better telecommunications tools making their way to the open market telecommuters and office works can find a happy balance that keeps them in sync. On the other hand, with telecommuters averaging 24 extra work days per year, perhaps it’s best if they just keep working as they have been in recent years.

As a telecommuter who puts in long hours, I have to admit that I agree fully with the UCi2i survey. Do you think telecommuters ultimately get more work done than their office-based counterparts?

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