Julianne Moore Gives Dating Advice To Chloe Grace Moretz

Julianne Moore isn’t just an actress and the new face of Reed Krakoff. She’s also a part-time celebrity dating expert. Is there anything she can’t do?

Chloe Grace Moretz and Moore recently teamed up for Boys Don’t Cry director Kimberly Peirce’s adaptation of the Stephen King novel Carrie. The two actresses bonded during the shooting of the horror flick, prompting the 16-year-old actress to seek dating advice from her co-star.

During her interview with InStyle Magazine, Moretz said Julianne Moore gave her some advice about finding the right guy when you’re rich and famous.

“You can’t just like someone. They might be using you. I talk to Julianne about it and she says, ‘Look, just be careful. Trust your judgement but don’t get in too deep sometimes.’ Because, you know, when you’re young, you fall in love and don’t know it’s happening,” the Kick-Ass 2 star explained.

According to Contact Music, Julianne Moore gave the young actress some advice on finding the right match. Moretz admitted that she’s a little concerned about the ulterior motives her potential suitors might have.

“You think, ‘Who’s out to deceive me?’ That’s hard. Especially growing up and liking guys and, maybe, ‘Do you want to be in a relationship? Is this person trying to be in my life because I’m famous?'” she explained.

Julianne Moore is also helping fashion designer Reed Krakoff with his upcoming autumn-winter advertising campaign. The Inquisitr previously reported that Krakoff himself took pictures of the actress during a recent photo shoot. The ads will begin appearing in magazines around the world this September.

“I have admired Julianne’s extraordinary talent and unique style for many years and have been fortunate enough to get to know her on both a professional and personal level,” the fashion designer recently explained to WWD.

Fans of Moore and Moretz can catch Kimberly Peirce’s Carrie in theaters on October 18.