July 4, 2013
Greta Van Susteren Says She Isn't Leaving Fox News

Greta Van Susteren isn't leaving Fox News anytime soon. While rumors have been flying around that Megyn Kelly would permanently replace Van Susteren, the popular Fox News host finally set the record straight.

Rumors started early this week as reports claimed Kelly would permanently take over the popular 10 pm talk show in order to draw in a younger demographic.

On her own blog, Greta Van Susteren cleared the air when she wrote, "I am not going anywhere,” and “I have a long term contract with Fox and it is for a show in ‘prime time.’ ”

Van Susteren then added: “Done, ok? (And by the way, don’t you love the courage of the anonymous sources? and those who then speculate from there?).”

Several reports recently suggested that Greta Van Susteren had spoken to officials at CNN. According to those reports, Van Susteren was hoping to receive an earlier more coveted time slot at CNN. In her blog post, Van Susteren did not address the CNN job discussion rumor.

Greta Van Susteren left CNN in 2002 where, during her time at the network, she became a respected legal analyst. After joining Fox News, her weeknight show became a hit for the network.
The Fox News audience has aged, and, while the network continues to be the leader in right wing news reporting, executives are said to be focused on luring in a younger audience. Megyn Kelly, because of her younger age, could be a good fit for Fox News to pull in a younger group of Republican viewers.
Reps for Fox News and CNN are not commenting on Van Susteren rumors at this time.
Do you think Greta Van Susteren will stay with Fox News well into the foreseeable future?