Chusovoi Russia Celebrates Day Of Youth… With Male Strippers?

Some residents of a Russian town said they were shocked officials chose to have male strippers perform at Day of Youth festivities according to UPI.

Valentin Shadrin, deputy head of Perm’s Chusovoi district began the celebration with a speech, one that wouldn’t seem all that out of the ordinary.

“You are our hope, our tower of strength, the future of our region,” Shadrin said in dedicating the celebration on Saturday to young people.

It was then that eight male strippers took the stage and disrobed before feeding bananas to girls and women in the assembled crowd according to msnNOW.

This choice in entertainment seems to be a little contradictory considering all the news that has been surrounding Russia and their very… conservative views.

The LGBT community has been threatened in Russia as proposed nationwide legislation would further limit their rights, and any homosexual related offenses would be met with harsh punishment.

Russia has since passed a new bill banning the promotion of “homosexual propaganda” to minors, making it a crime to:

“spread information aimed at forming non- traditional sexual behaviour among children, suggesting this behaviour is attractive, and making a false statement about the socially equal nature of traditional and non-traditional relationships,” according to The Independent.

Those who are caught breaking the law could face between $156 for individuals and up to $31,000 for large companies and organizations.

MsnNOW stated that even foreigners could be jailed for up to 15 days and deported.

With these sorts of laws now in place throughout Russia, it’s interesting how the town of Chusovoi would choose to bring in eight male strippers to celebrate the Day of Youth.

Many of the residents seem to ask the same questions. UPI reported:

“Outraged residents took to social media and described the performance as ‘shameful’ and ‘vulgar,’ the Russian news agency RIA Novosti reported.

“Many questioned why officials chose adult-themed entertainment for an event attended by children of all ages.”

Pride in their youth isn’t a bad thing, but encouraging them by providing male strippers to gyrate and feed banana’s to the females of the crowd may be pushing the limits a little too far.

[Image via Shutterstock/R. Gino Santa Maria]