Drunk Czech Woman Falls Under Oncoming Train, Walks Away Unscathed [Video]

After being saved, the merry individual simply dusted herself off and wandered away, despite the fact that she dropped down into the path of the vehicle just seconds before it arrived at the station.

She was miraculously pulled out of the situation between the first and second carriages by a hoard of passers by. The entire incident was captured on CCTV, and it has since been uploaded to Youtube. You can view a clip above.

The Czech woman is either drunk or about to fall asleep as she stands on the edge of the platform before moving from side to side and then dropping down, at an underground station in Prague.

A bystander looks to assist her, but is too late to stop the drama from unfolding, and can only move back and put his head in his hands at the event that has just occurred before him.

Of course, it would appear as though the woman has died in an horrific accident, but, once they are informed, railway staff soon charge to the exact spot where she fell, and after looking down a gap between the first and second carriages, they are able to pull her up and back onto the cold surface of the platform.

It has since been explained that the woman landed in deep spot between the rails which meant that she avoided being hit by the train, and was then able to pulled back up.

After being saved, she simply wiped the dirt off that had gathered on her clothes and walked away, and then told police that she was “merely tired” before refusing a breathalyser and medical treatment.

What do you think of this Czech woman? Do you think she was drunk?