July 3, 2013
Two Men Verbally And Physically Assault LGBT Teen On New York Subway After Pride Event [Video]

A sickening video has emerged on Youtube showing two men on the New York city subway verbally assaulting, and even physically attacking, a group of young gay, bisexual, gay, and transgender passengers only hours after the NYC Pride festivities of the last weekend.

The clip, which was uploaded to YouTube on July 2, was filmed by Raskshita Koirala, a local litigator who witnessed the ordeal that took place on a Queens-bound F train at around midnight on June 30.

It begins with the prefix, "The following was recorded on the Queens bound F train on June 30th, 2013 at 11:45 pm, after NYC's Price festivities  Two men were seen harassing and threatening a group of LGBT youth." You can watch the footage above.

The video shows two men hurling various slurs at the group, and then you can see one of them assault a female group member, before he then tries to take Koirala's phone from her and he even threatens to murder her.

Koirala has now talked to The Huffington Post about the incident, remarking that she began to film after they started to shout homophobic comments at the group and she became concerned for their safety.

She stated, "[The older man] started to say things like, if you were in Iran you would be killed. Just very anti-gay, very homophobic, very violent comments."

The video shows that the men even struggled with Koriala as they attempted to take her phone so that they could destroy the evidence, with passengers eventually intervening to save her.

As noted earlier there is also a physical scuffle between one of the men and a female LGBT woman, which ends in him shouting to her, "I'll f****** kill you here. I'll hit you so hard in your face you'll die."

Koirala has filed a police report, but also decided to upload the footage to YouTube too after officers downplayed the ordeal.

She proclaimed, "It was absolutely unacceptable to me," before adding, "I think that witnesses will step forward. I think they will step forward and be adamant about finding these guys and prosecuting them."

What do you think should happen to the duo responsible?