July 3, 2013
iPhone Lite Shells Shown Off In New Leaked Photo

The Apple iPhone Lite is rumored to be arriving with various colored plastic shells, and a new photo leaked on Thursday claims to show off the products new outer casings.

Built from a rumored polycarbonate plastic, the smartphone features metal housing that helps strengthen the smartphone while attaching all of its internal components.

The smartphone is believed to be arriving with red, yellow, white, and green color options.

Apple has been rumored to be working on a low-cost iPhone Lite smartphone for years, but possible shells for the smartphone only recently began to surface online.

While specifics about the low-cost iPhone are not yet known, it is believed that the device will feature a lower-end CPU, lower screen resolution, and overall toned down specs when compared to the upcoming iPhone 5S.

Current schematics do appear to show the iPhone Lite features a single LED flash compared to the iPhone 5 and its dual-flash setup.

Apple will likely announced the new low-cost iPhone in September, and devices could go on sale by October or November 2013.

Apple, in the meantime, is in need of a big win. The company's stock price has been nearly cut in half over the last two years, and the lack of major smartphone innovations has helped erode much of the company's customer loyalty to the device.

The tech giant is rumored to be working on a fingerprint reader, which could be added to each smartphone. The fingerprint reader could show users that Apple is once again attempting to revolutionize how users take advantage of their smartphones. There is the possibility that the reader will only arrive on Apple's higher end smartphone option.