The Inquisitr Android Application Now Available For Download

With more and more Android phones being sold every day, offering an iPhone application only doesn’t cut it anymore, so today we’re proud to announce that The Inquisitr Android App is now available in the Android Marketplace.

Our Android application is a step forward from our iPhone application, offering a clearer interface, and offers a variety of features, including the ability to browse by category, search recent stories, make shout outs to other app users, leave app specific comments, favorite stories, and share stories to Twitter and Facebook.

And yes, if you do have an iPhone, we’re hoping to upgrade our iPhone application shortly.

Of course the best thing about The Inquisitr Android application is the price: it’s 100% free :)

To download, you can visit the Android Zoom listing here, type Inquisitr into the Android Marketplace on your phone, or use the QCode below.

To use a QCdoe:

– Open Your Barcode Scanner app
– Center and scan the QR code below
– Open the browser link (the link will direct you to the Android Marketplace)
– Download The Inquisitr Android Application